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Manufacturer Part Number Manufacturer Connector Type Contact Type Number of Positions Number of Rows Standard Package Status Availability
SM20B-SRSS-TB JST Header Male Pin 20 1 3000pcs Tape-Reel Obsolete In stock
BM10B-SRSS-TB(LF)(SN) JST Header Male Pin 10 1 1500pcs Tape-Reel Active In stock
S02B-PASK-2 JST Header Male Pin 2 1 1000pcs Bulk Obsolete In stock
BM13B-XASS-TF JST Header Male Pin 13 1 500pcs Tape-Reel Obsolete In available
SM06B-XSRS(LF)(SN) JST Header Outer Shroud Contact 6 1 3500pcs Bulk Obsolete In stock
S20B-PHDSS JST Header Male Pin 20 2 250pcs Bulk Obsolete In stock
B14B-EH-A JST Header Male Pin 14 1 250pcs Bulk Obsolete In available
BM12B-XASS-TF JST Header Male Pin 12 1 500pcs Tape-Reel Obsolete In available
S26B-XADSS-N JST Header Male Pin 26 2 108pcs Bulk Obsolete In stock
BM03B-LENES-B-TB(HF) JST Header Male Blade 3 1 1500pcs Tape-Reel Obsolete In available